What People Are Saying

 "Candice Anitra has a pure and beautiful instrument.
Producer aside, players aside, Candice's voice wins every time."
– Meshell Ndegeocello

"It is all too rare for me to hear a new artist and think 'now this is something truly fresh...and good!' That is the reaction I had when I first heard Ledisi. And . . . Amy Winehouse. I'm having that reaction now . . . Candice Anitra. She has a resonant voice and can sing. And she can write melodies. That makes her dangerous! . . . her expression has many levels -- intellectual, yes, but also emotional, and spiritual.”    - Randall Grass, VP/GM, Shenachie Entertainment

“Armed with a voice that won’t quit and endless stage presence.” - CentricTV.com

“The rockish soul Candice Anitra has going on with ‘Love Sick’ carries something awesomely nostalgic about it.” – Giant Step

"Artists who are keenly aware of the power their deeds and words wield and bear that responsibility well are a rarity. With her love of and gift for music, Anitra dons that burden proudly." - Amsterdam News

"Anitra is now one of the most sought after singers on the independent circuit." – Rolling Out

"I guess nobody told Candice Anitra that all tribute songs are supposed to sound alike. . . Good for her. Her song 'Today,' which remembers Haiti's devastating 2010 earthquake, is a funk-laden dance track that evokes more hope than despair." - Yahoo! Music

“Candice Anitra moves to the beat of the funky drummer and that’s never been more evident than with her new release ‘Love Sick’; an urgent plea for self-love and an aggressive approach for self-respect. When she is moved, she flows and words and images attach to the parts of her brain that creates aural and visual magic for her thoughts.” – Grown Folks Music

"The person behind the music it is a little bit feisty, a little bit edgy. . . The songstress combines elements of soul, funk and a slight rock edge to create a sound that certainly makes her stand out in a very crowded marketplace."
- SoulBounce

"The slightly rock edged music coupled with her soulful voice gives me a euphoric feeling, like everything’s going to be all right."
- Bronze Magazine

“...This emerging singer/songwriter's debut album, 'Bark Then Bite,' conjures images of Annie Lennox, Grace Jones and [Erykah] Badu. . . 'Objectify' features some of the most sensual lyrics since Marvin Gaye’s 'Sexual Healing.' "
- Olu Alemoru, LA Wave

"She’s singing about female empowerment and societal double-standards. . .
a definite about-face from the chauvinistic submission of much of today’s popular music. . ."
- EUR Web (Electronic Urban Report)

“Anitra's voice . . . does suggest her alchemy since she can make any syllable sound golden."
- Venus Zine

“Certified Banger. If you take Tracy Chapman’s organic folk vibe, mix it with Meshell Ndegeocello’s raw sexuality, add some of Joan Armatrading’s lyrical earnestness then you have a sliver, a fraction of the redacted soulful light of Candice Anitra. . . opens your eyes and defies genre. . . Anitra’s lyrics are deep . . . prolific creative force.”     – PopWife.com

"Candice [is] a confident woman who will not let others confine nor define her – true to her vision as a person and artist."
- Arasia Magnetic, Kevin Nottingham

“Candice Anitra understands the meaning of being creative. . . her voice [has] all the latitude it needs to envelop you in its wisps of mysterious soulness. . . Anitra has a refreshing, crisp quality that brings a new perspective to the genre.”
– Soulified.com

"It's great to see independent artists going that extra step with their video concepts lately."
- SoulUK, SoulBounce

"She uses her music as a way to promote love and inspire others..."
- Rolling Out

". . . the many facets of her musical personality hit on all cylinders."
- Soul Tracks

“righteously raspy soul.”
- George Woolley, Yahoo! Entertainment